Suda51’s The Silver Case out this week

Grasshopper Manufacture’s The Silver Case, a Japanese-only visual novel that originally came out in 1998, is being remastered for modern times, and for a Western audience. It’ll be out on Playism, Humble and Steam on October 7, and it looks a bit off-the-wall, as you’ll realise if you’ve played the demo, or indeed any of Suda51’s (Killer 7, No More Heroes) other games.

There’s actually an updated demo available on Steam now, which will allow you to save your data and then import it into the full game from Friday onwards. Oh but there’s also a new ‘release’ trailer, which looks exactly like a relic from the late 1990s:

The trailer includes “a new opening movie created for the HD Remaster version. It also includes the remixed opening track that [Silent Hill composer] Akira Yamaoka created for the game”.

Check this page if you want to gawk at the various settings you’ll be able to fiddle with in the updated demo, and in the full game.

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