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The Dope Game v1.0.2

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The Dope Game v1.0.2
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: To escape the city of Starkham and start your new life, you get your friend Preston to set up a meeting with the local loanshark, Sweaty Mike. After foolishly borrowing $2,000 to start your fledgling drug dealing career, you embark on a timed mission to sell as many drugs as possible throughout the city. However, you must evade the police, make sure not to anger the locals too much, and navigate an ever-changing drug market.

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Visit locations like Crockfort, Pinky’s Gun Emporium, Murphy’s Lake, The Noose & Rafter Bar, Hillside, Saint Jaysus Memorial Hospital, and more to interact with people and buy or sell a variety of drugs. Almost everyone you meet can be fought or bartered with in some manner.

The Dope Game, the newest game from CoaguCo Industries, It is a take on John E. Dell’s 1984 classic game Drugwars, where the player goes around New York City trying to make as much money as possible selling drugs while evading the police. But this isn’t New York City. Or 1984. The Dope Game takes place in the fictional city of Starkham, Blannington, most infamously known from our previous games One Way To Die and Raise Your Own Clone.

The game features original music by Macabre Gandhi and fully hand-drawn art assets by GP Garcia. For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, here is a fancy list of game features:

– 15 locations around Starkham
– 16 different drugs to buy and sell
– 35+ (barely) different weapons
– 8 different game lengths to play
– Listen to the old lady say lots of things on the bus (unlocks stuff sometimes)
– Borrow money from the loanshark (and maybe pay it back)
– Interact with (and fight) a variety of townspeople
– Randomly lose drugs, money, or weapons and possibly find those of other players
– Hire crew members to fight with you, including animals
– Random generated crew members: names, weapons, health, damage
– Full soundtrack by Macabre Gandhi
– 25 Achievements
– Fully hand-drawn game assets
– Holiday, NSFW, and hard modes
– A variety of random mechanics to make each game unique(ish)
– Back up statistics on CoaguCo’s server

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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