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  • DOWNLOAD (21.67 Mb) After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
    and open it with any compression program


Activating this trainer:

Press F1 at main menu.

Listen for ‘Trainer Activated’.

Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.


Trainer Options:

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NumPad1: Invincible

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NumPad2: Unlimited Sprint

NumPad3: Set Time To Day

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NumPad4: Set Time To Night

NumPad5: Set Time To Aurora

NumPad6: Set Weather To Clear

NumPad7: Spawn Item (from +350 Items)

NumPad8: Unlimited Weight

NumPad9: Unlock All Feats

NumPad0: All Skills Mastered

NumPad/: Cure All Afflictions

NumPad*: Fly Mode

NumPad-: Reset Cold

NumPad+: Reset Condition

NumPad.: Reset Hunger

Page UP: Reset Fatigue

Page Down: Reset Thirst

Insert: Infinite Durability

Home: Reveal Map
End: Unlock All Achievements



Set Weather To Clear: It may takes up to a minute for the weather to change.

Fly Mode: Press SPACE key to exit fly mode.

Spawn Item: Press hotkey to spawn an item. A messagebox opens (so make sure you alt tab to the trainer) where you can select the item to spawn via drop down list. A second messagebox asks for the quantity.

Unlimited Weight: While active you can carry unlimited items. This may reset at some points so just re-enable it in such a case.

Unlock All Feats: Press hotkey and all feats are unlocked.

Reveal Map: Open your map first then press hotkey and the map is revealed. If the map remains black you haven’t used a charcoal before. You can spawn one with the Spawn Item cheat and equip & use it.

Unlock All Achievements: Press hotkey and you get all steam achievements for this game.

The Long Dark: Trainer +20 v1.15 {CheatHappens.com}

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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