The New Prey is a Reimagining of the IP, “No Tie With the Original”

In an informative video posted by Bethesda Softworks, president and creative director of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantonio, explained exactly what the new Prey game was all about.

“Prey is not a sequel, it’s not a remake, it has no tie with the original.”

While fans of the IP have been fervently hoping for a sequel for years, this might be a little bit of a disappointment. Still, it is heartening to see that the IP hasn’t died completely, and is getting a reimagining instead.

Colantonio goes on to explain that players will take on the role of Morgan Yu, who can be male or female, depending on your choice. Players will be trapped on a space station while trying to survive attacks from a horde of powerful aliens. The game will provide players with scientific gadgets that might not necessarily look like weapons at first glance, but can be used to defend yourself.

There’s no solid release date for the game just yet, but Prey is slated for a 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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