Tiger & Bunny, Trinity Seven Creators Collaborate on Demental Man Novel Project

Kadokawa launched a website on Friday to announce that Keiichi Satou (Tiger & Bunny, Asura, Karas, Rage of Bahamut Genesis, GANTZ:O director) and Kenji Saito (Trinity Seven – The Seven Magicians manga creator, 101 no Hyakumonogatari light novel author) are collaborating on a new novel project titled Demental Man. The “Novel 0” in the project, titled Demental Man: Lloyd no Carte (Demental Man: Lloyd’s Clinical Records), will ship in Japan on September 15. Satou is illustrating the novel and is credited with the original work, and Saito is writing the novel.

The “mental dive action” novel’s story centers on a horrible virus called Demental, which changes the appearance of humans based on the darkness that lurks in their hearts. The only cure for Demental is the “Demental Men,” medical specialists who can exterminate Demental. In ancient times, Demental Men exorcised demons. Doctors Cillian Lloyd and Tokio Lloyd, although they have polar opposite personalities, are a team based in Dreadnought City (a provincial city in England) that fights against Demental.

Source: Animate Times

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