Titanfall 2 Beta Not Coming to PC

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Ever since the current generation consoles launched and games became heavily online dependent, developers have turned to closed and open betas to test their games with players. Often these betas include only a snippet of content, but they allow players to whet their appetites for the game and developers to test their servers and game engines.

With betas now a tradition for first-person shooter games, players are naturally excited for the upcoming Titanfall 2 beta. Well, at least console gamers. It turns out the Titanfall 2 beta is only coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC gamers will be left out of this round.

In a recent news post, the folks from Respawn Entertainment shared their reasoning for the omission:

Because the single player story has some wonderful secrets that we really want to preserve for launch, we also have to worry about leaks. Our wonderfully curious PC players have proven in the past that they will dig out anything they can, and there’s a risk that they could spoil some of our single player.

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It seems the team at Respawn is aware that PC players like to review the code that comes with game betas to see what mysteries they can unravel about the upcoming title. To keep that from happening with Titanfall 2’s single player campaign, they’ve decided to hold off opening the beta to PC gamers.

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Hopefully this means the campaign in Titanfall 2 is stronger than those found in many other first-person shooter titles. Usually, such single-player offerings are run-and-gun-fests that greatly lack in compelling storyline, interesting characters, and worthwhile gameplay.

However, considering the fact that the first Titanfall title didn’t include a single-player campaign, and the Respawn team is helmed by former Call of Duty developers, players may not want to get their hopes up too much. That said, hopefully the developer can surprise fans and provide a narrative that captivates and excites players.

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Respawn also shared another reason for leaving PC out of the platforms getting the Titanfall 2 beta. Right now, the developer isn’t confident in their current PC optimization. The team revealed that they are still working on getting the game to better support a wide variety of hardware configuration, especially those with lower specs. Considering the release is set for late October, hopefully the team can get those issues figured out quickly, or some PC gamers may experience issues with the game upon release.

What do you think about Respawn Entertainment’s plan to hold back the beta from PC gamers?

Titanfall 2 is set to release on October 28th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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