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Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium]

Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Convert all your video and music files on your android device with this media format factory.

Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] brLYUfSYEqLUsK3GSqyX4CHDqoGgVGdVW21Bp96IN8HTOyXQX_xT-iu6HbBx7uY8YPtB=h450

Convert all your video and music files on your android device with this media format factory.
Convert all your Mp4, Flv, Avi, Mkv, Mp3, Flac, Wma, Ogg, M4a, Wav… files. All major formats supported.

Highly Customizable output format: configure entirely the output format with customizable size, codec, aspect ratio, fps, frequency, bitrate…

Split your videos and extract some selected parts

Example supported conversion:
– Convert Mp3 to Aac, M4a to Mp3…
– Convert Flv to mp4, Avi to Mp4…
– Convert Mp4 to Flv, Mp4 to Avi…
– And much more

Preset with automatic settings for: Android MP4, Audio Only (Mp3, M4a, Aac…), Avi, DVD (NTSC and PAL format), Flv, iPad, iPod, Mp4, Mpeg2, Webm, Wmv…
InApp Purchase to unlock highest quality profiles

**This app uses FFMPEG application for the encoding process

What’s New
What’s New
Version 88:
+ Add Audio Track merger
+ You can now add audio track to videos
Version 87:
+ Fix bugs introduced in version 86
+ Fix Divx output error

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  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] brLYUfSYEqLUsK3GSqyX4CHDqoGgVGdVW21Bp96IN8HTOyXQX_xT-iu6HbBx7uY8YPtB=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] I9XDpNe2IelIkcXXxO5LJBDW2iVlNvOEKdazaR6FfVp61CXRSxG_nNQ2Pd4T0GtpcZWf=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] BVMcI1eJFMkVbTZi_ZSRrKgInGHyEzyTlrrhKSbnDoJwZ21ckQHuCzXnA4YE_VtRwR7D=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] zalQlxPh-n078uIKd9v1sAGRlwd0AsMnJYC3jMPym-bsdhR_2l09XVu7TcDDHeZTxMEi=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] BmJKJ6QDnvrduPsGFJfSnapX7qDmhgen4Db8hKmZV8nCpBLZQOD7XZ7nVNJiA_UjDLwI=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] 5cq7yXAbiTCXZn3wl494ByefWxdxhOoyWrD705QK2H3YN1Z1gQk1BnyZohcYTZFk5QE=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] Nm1YmPqeVoevjK9X5cARDRc3FVCmo47E8k-YbX6fnPcaJ6wFQiSvRTvWfDDz5XJeSh8=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] xJLSsu6EfFBrhWqm8vFaFEUZdDomrsPFHB3K5X4qn8ga1_VUjiy6vhSIzW-Phvx2BDE=h310
  • Video Format Factory v4.4 [Premium] oWbvB2lE8dBPfo6CpAHP59igoirF9quQZI2VOStJ1SbAWHQKuKXC4yRUCspqCPGSQQ=h310



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