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Volume Booster GOODEV 5.0 Android Full APK Download

Volume Booster GOODEV 5.0 Android Full APK Download

easy, small, loose app to reinforce your speaker or headphone sound extent. beneficial for films, audio books and music.

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Use at your very own chance. gambling audio at excessive volumes, specifically for a extended quantity of time, can destroy speakers and/or harm hearing. a few users HAVE suggested destroyed speakers and earphones. if you hear distorted audio, lower the extent (however it may be too past due).

by installing this application you settle that you’ll no longer preserve its developer liable for any damage to hardware or listening to, and you are the usage of it at your very own threat. recollect this to be experimental software.

not all gadgets aid this software program. try it at your personal danger and notice if yours works.

This app does no longer work on maximum four.2.1-4.three gadgets. It must work on four.four and higher, as well as on gadgets below four.2.1.

This isn’t always for adjusting the speakerphone volume in smartphone calls (that has its own enhance, I suppose), but for adjusting the volume of track, movies and apps.


whilst you set the raise to 0, extent Booster will be off. The notification icon is only for ease of launching. if you do not like seeing the notification icon when extent Booster is off, just go to extent Booster’s Settings and set it to seem most effective when quantity Booster is walking.

Name: Volume Booster GOODEV
Category: Android Apps
Game Type: Apps
Release Date: 23.11.2017
Language: English
Size: 971 MB
Company: GOODEV
File Type: .apk

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