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Volume Butler PRO v2.3.6 Apk is Available !

Apply voice commands with Android Volume Butler

Volume Butler is the name of software for Android phones with which you can create predefined profiles to easily use them at different times.



  • Planning your voice profiles for when you’re at home, or working in any other location
  • Silent mode on Android Lollipop
  • Applying appropriate profiles while driving is automatic
  • Apply appropriate audio profiles based on your location
  • Silent Mode: Put the phone fast for sessions or when you want to snooze
  • Ringtones and separate announcements for devices whose sounds are integrated
  • Put a special profile when you’re charging the phone
  • Use notifications to personalize the sound of announcements and vibration patterns
  • It has 4 widgets and can be used as you wish
  • Use 4 separate profile profiles and quick apps
  • Automatically mode how to play different sounds on the phone
  • Simplify the use of the phone by placing different ringtones and profiles
  • Apply custom profiles directly from the Notification Bar
  • DashClock Extension support
  • Apply profiles for when you connect to wifi
  • Lock the volume, which will allow you to not be able to change them
  • Apply profiles through Google Now’s voice commands

Volume Butler is a very simple way to control and monitor phone audio profiles. With this software, you can set different audio profiles so you can use them in the specified times. Some of these profiles will be automatically enabled in places you have set before, and this can make your work a lot easier.

For example, suppose you want to enter a very important work meeting that your phone rang in this session can be a kind of insult to other people who are present at the meeting. You may have forgotten to put your phone on silent. But if you’ve installed the Volume Butler app, this software can automatically put your phone on Silent in such a case, so you will not hear any sound when it’s ringing.

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