War Robots MOD APK 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE.

All credits goes to Pixonic LLC. Which are the developers and first-to publish War Robots MOD APK 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE one of the most addictive action multiplayer TPS android gameplay. Many a people have been in on this game for a while and the game has come off with the reputation of been ‘the best most played Robots game’.

The game is an online multiplayer game the only game where giant mech. Robots have to fight against & with to bring victory to its side. I thought it be nice if I throw this at the very get-go of the post the “There is no campaign MODE” but it’s a free game with MOD APK hack you will be able to get goody-bags like unlimited premium account for free and have VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE

War Robots MOD APK 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE is achingly an action-packed multiplayer game with PVP team battles in real-time massacre where you’re free to join the ranks of the STEEL Warriors. The game is free one so it’s not going to cost you a pretty penny for those out there whom love robots this game is for you!

It’s time to get uncomfortable! Decide, commit, act, kill and succeed! Get your sit-bets ready for surprise attacks of a fierce brutal robot combat of baptism of fire, intricate tactical maneuvers and eliminate enemy robots, get/capture all the beacons and get your weapons intensely upgraded to increase critical damage degree.

Increase strength, speed-up and durability for your battle robot. Advance into the vast map and lead the way and use different tactics and strategies to emerge victorious from battles! In War Robots APK MOD VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE games download there are 21+ unique robots to be brought into real-time based battles.

Though, some robots costs premium money and its strength are different according to the stats. Along the gameplay gamers will come to realize that some robots can jump pretty fast and equip heavy armory while some can walk faster so some heavy mechs walks so slow.

War Robots games download is an excellent game that works very well no matter the platform and it’s such an addictive multiplayer game that give tons of competitive fierce challenges in and within every step you take in the gameplay.

The Features of War Robots APK MOD 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE:-

  • Free to create your clans and lead your mech. To glorious victories.
  • There your featured 20+ robotic weapon types, such as: ballistic missiles, plasma guns and energy ones.
  • 24+ unique robots within your grasp.
  • Complete military tasks in order to earn bonuses and best pilot title.
  • Join epic PVP battles against rivals around the globe.

For the records there is a premium account system which can be enabled using real money, and for premium account holders they eligible to having massive XP and money from battles so you grasp your premium acc. Form us you will enjoy for unlimited amount of days for free premium acc.

What’s NEW in 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE?

  • There are various UI improvements now.
  • Additional Maps have been added.
  • New Dash Robots on board now –Haechi, Bulgasari and Kumiho.
  • New Weapons added –medium weapon scourge and heavy machine gun.
  • Black Market is available also.
  • Kinetic weapons for double critical damages to physical shields.
  • Noricum significant improvements in every department have been made.


The Past “What’s New” Has Past and now you have what’s new in this current update v3.2.0 and you should also be aware that those old “What’s New” hasn’t been terminated –it’s still there just that additional thing just came up currently.

Note: If you want to discuss the game or find allies, please feel free to join us on Facebook:

Even get to follow us on Twitter:

Get to watch new vides on You Tube:

What’s New War Robots MOD APK 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE ?

  • Level 10 is now available for Custom Games where you can challenge, call the bluff of other players to 1vs1or you can equally train with clan-mates. Please note: has found out that this feature will be enabled only a few days after the update.
  • New Robot Inquisitor available.
  • Black Market is now filled with: Components, items with a small drop chance removed Note: From now on all balance changes will be announced in the in-game News –so be watchful.

In the MOD you have Premium Enabled (not visible in GUI but you will have to receive 50% bonuses in the end of battle) & you have Anti-Ban.

List of MODs To Download 3.2.0 VIP Premium FEATURES FOR FREE:-  Walking War Robots MOD APK






Game info.

Genre: Action.

Mode: online.

System requirements :  4.1 and above.

Current Version: 3.1.0

Category: Adventure.


Downlod APK

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