[Watch] New Overwatch animated short focuses on a tough lesson learned for Reinhardt

Experience shapes who we are. This is the lesson that Blizzard leans on as a central theme of its latest animated short called Honor and Glory. It takes place during the battle at Eichenwalde, where a young Reinhardt and Crusader leader Balderich von Adler are tasked with defending infantry troopers from an onslaught of enemy fire, using their patented Barrier Field ability. Reinhardt is brash and arrogant and doesn’t fully appreciate the importance of defending the troops.

And it ends up costing him.

Check it out:

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As you can see, the short is great about keeping the hero grounded and punishes his reckless badassery, which fuels a sense of duty, purpose, and guilt later on in Reinhardt’s life.

In other Overwatch news, a new hero Moira was revealed earlier today and is a damage dealing healer. Most of her abilities have the convenient effect of healing her or allies or being directed at enemies to sap their health. Either way, she sounds like a great addition to the roster.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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