World of Warplanes version 2.0 release date set

Here's what the much-improved update promises tomorrow.

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Rob Zacny enjoyed his time with World of Warplanes back in 2013, despite finding it occasionally over-complicated. Its imminent version 2.0 aims to make the flight combat sim more accessible, and now has a launch date: October 11.

When it lands tomorrow, World of Warplanes’ version 2.0 will allow players to skillful operate bombers with “only one hand”, get to grips with bomber tree branches which include Soviet bombers and machines with multiple turrets, and strive to capture territories in the game’s new Conquest mode.

That last part appears to be the crown jewels of version 2.0, as it aims to deliver a degree of tactical strategy, planning and execution missing from World of Warplanes as we currently know it. Here’s a trailer to mark the latest update’s arrival:

Alongside that, Wargaming provided a short Q&A with the game’s operational producer Michael Zinchenko. From that, I found Zinchenko’s answers that firstly explore exactly what the update brings to the table, and secondly how dogfights have improved to be most interesting.

On version 2.0, Zinchenko says: “While WoWP 1.0 [and above] is focused on highly skill-dependent dogfighting gameplay, the Conquest game mode in WoWP 2.0 is focused on capturing and controlling territories through different actions that correspond with class-specific roles for different aircraft.

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“Each of the fives classes in game, including the all-new bombers, have quite varying roles. Now add to that the new respawn mechanic and totally updated visuals, and you get a new gameplay experience. Naturally we encourage everyone to try the new version themselves.”

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And on dogfighting, he adds: “We added respawn. But seriously, dogfighting is still a crucial part of the aerial battle that is WoWP. It’s a game with warplanes, after all.

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“And yet it is but one part of it. We’re working on improvements to dogfighting mechanics constantly, but at the same time we added a lot of other tasks, targets and in-game mechanics that will make any player useful, depending on their preferred class, in-game situation and personal skill.”

World of Warplanes’ version 2.0 is due tomorrow, October 11.

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" Here you can search for everything you want and you will find it as soon as possible "


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