Xbox Marketing Head Talks Scorpio, Cross-Play With PS4

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Aaron Greenberg, the head of Xbox One’s marketing, recently released more details about Project Scorpio, and the possibility of cross platform multiplayer with Playstation.

During this year’s E3, Microsoft announced that it would be releasing a new, more powerful Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio sometime around the holidays in 2017. Scorpio is more powerful than both the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S, which is the slimmer version of the console that was just released.

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Since its announcement, a number of details have come out about Project Scorpio, like the fact that it is four times more powerful than the current Xbox One, will need a 4K TV to work at ideal performance, and that some current Xbox One games will look better on Scorpio.

This week, head of Xbox One marketing, Aaron Greenberg revealed more details about Scorpio in a recent interview with MCV, where he talked about Scorpio’s potential to change the game industry and why they announced it so close to the release of Xbox One S:

“Project Scorpio is an opportunity for us to bring true 4K gaming for the first time to the console market. We think that is the next big leap in innovation for gaming and is something that has never been done before on console. We’re building the most powerful console ever created with a six teraflop GPU. We announced that early at E3 so that we can start working with developers and partners who we know will want to take advantage of that incredible amount of power and have a good year plus to be able to plan for it.”


While the introduction of 4K games is exciting for many players, many won’t be too happy that the Scorpio’s release is mimicking the smartphone release model, but Greenberg believes that the Scorpio will actually ease the disruptive nature of the current console cycle.

Moving away from Scorpio talk, Greenberg also talked about the possibility of cross platform multiplayer with PS4:

“Our strategy is to put gamers at the centre of everything we do, and that has led us to support things like that where a developer wants to connect people on Steam, for example. They’re doing that today. In terms of connecting with gamers on the PlayStation Network, we fully support them to do that. And I believe they’re talking to Sony about it, but I don’t know the latest.”

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So it would seem that the ball is in Sony’s court as far as cross platform play is concerned, and with the Playstation Neo’s release not to far off, this may be their chance to finally have cross platform play available on all systems.

Project Scorpio is due to release by the holiday season in 2017.

Source: Gamespot

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